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Blum is an international company that specialises in the production of functional furniture fittings. The company's main product groups are lift, hinge, box and pull-out systems for furniture - in particular for kitchen furniture.

MOVENTO - The evolution of motion

The MOVENTO concealed runner system for wooden drawers and pull-outs is a new dimension in quality of motion. It has a synchronised feather-light glide for ultra smooth running action.


Does this sound familiar? Kitchen waste has to go into the trash and you don't have a free hand to open the pull-out. No problem with SERVO-DRIVE uno. Waste pull-outs open automatically at a single touch - you can even use your hip, knee or toe. Fronts stay clean and the waste goes in the bin. Easy.

AVENTOS: Variety for lift systems

Blum's fittings solutions for wall cabinets.


The CLIP top BLUMOTION hinge has set new standards. This is sophisticated technology within the smallest space. Perfect motion has been seamlessly integrated into the boss. CLIP top BLUMOTION offers new design possibilities for doors.

LEGRABOX – elegance in motion

Is there such thing as the perfect drawer? Free from all that is familiar, focussed on the principles it pursues – yet unprecedented in its level of performance. Minimalistic. Straightforward. Simple. Slimline. And extremely elegant. Like the new LEGRABOX: Elegance in motion.

Blum - Perfecting motion


This box system is characterised by rectangular gallery rails and a clear design. TANDEMBOX antaro with its angular elements is a clear alternative to pull-outs with round gallery rails.

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Narrow cabinets

Blum's practical idea for narrow cabinets enables even the smallest storage space in the kitchen to be used.

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OS lift programmes will win you over: Flaps open easily, remain

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